Banquettes Are Back

Banquette Benches are a stylish way to add extra seating to small breakfast nooks, or more intimacy to larger dining rooms. They can be used singly with chairs around a table, be doubled up across from each other, or used as a divider to help to define two separate areas of a great room. Designers are using versatile ivory benches in numerous ways. We're on board, and of course we're adding our own modern twist to this classic look, with our Leather Ivory Banquette. Here is a little eye candy to inspire ideas for your home...

Get the look for your home with I.O. METRO's Ivory Leather Banquette Bench. The color is light and airy, and the leather makes it perfect for dining, because it is so easy to clean if you have a spill.

The Polo Bench is such a versatile seating piece. In addition to being perfect for dining, you can also use it in a living room, for a modern upgraded arrangement, or create a space for guests in a home office. No matter the styling, our bench provides modern, versatile comfort.

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