STARTING AFRESH {with Personal Style}

The beginning of a season can inspire you to make changes or to do things differently. This Spring make the resolution to finally determine your own personal decorating style! Don’t just buy items impulsively, and then shove them somewhere. Streamline your decorating process to create a well designed home.


·      The colors you’re drawn to can tell a lot about your personality. Look in your closet for inspiration. What style themes do you find in your wardrobe? What are your favorite colors?
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·      Your home should be an expression of you. Personality makes a room feel genuine, lived in, and grounded. What are your interests? To what are you drawn? What makes you happy?

·      Remember the places and surroundings you have loved when you’ve traveled, visited an amazing restaurant, hotel or museum, or been to someone else’s home and truly admired it. What elements of these places appealed to you?

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·      The most beautiful décor in the world is worthless if it doesn’t mesh with your lifestyle demands. What functionality do you need from your furniture?

 {Christine Howard}

·      What is perfect for one person isn’t always a fit for another. Don’t feel like you have to dive head first into only one specific design genre. Today it’s more stylish to mix things up. To start, take a look around your home for inspiration. You don’t have to get rid of everything you already own to create a cohesive look. What do you collect? What pieces of art, photographs, or furniture hold special meaning?

·      Be open to try new things and don’t try to be someone you’re not. It’s okay if you want to mix antiques with modern art. In any space there should be a combination of styles, colors tones, shapes, and textures. Your home should be styled in a way that makes you feel comfortable. Your home doesn’t have to be identical to a page in a design book. It should look like you.

TIP 1- Create a Look Book Binder or PINTEREST Account
People often love what they see in stores and magazines, but don’t have the vision to translate the look into their homes. Thus, we recommend you create a Look Book or Pinterest Account. This will be the inspiration for your home decorating projects. Over time it will give you a broad collection of ideas for your space and enable you to discover your own unique style. Organize the collection by rooms. When you see a photo you like on a website or in a magazine, Pin It, print it or tear it out and put it in your file. Insert paint chips, fabric swatches, and other samples. Another smart idea is to take photos of the furniture, art pieces and accessories you already own, and want to incorporate into your look.

Once you have a good collection together, look for themes and common elements in what you’ve gathered. Pay attention to the colors, patterns, and textures. The threads that link your photos together will help you determine your personal style.

TIP 2- Take Quizzes + Do a Little Research 
What’s Your Decorating Personality? If you're like most, you know what you do and do not like, but you're not really sure what style that translates into. So take a fun Visual Quiz from REAL SIMPLE to help you understand your style.

Do you get confused every time someone starts talking about different Genres of Design? Unless you have a four-year interior design degree, it can be bewildering! Here are the Major Design Styles clearly defined for you. Remember, it's okay to MIX them together in your space!

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