Pillow Pattern Play

Feeling a little anxious about being able to combine multiple patterns successfully? Mixing patterns will no longer bewilder you when you follow these four simple rules. Plus, we give you examples of perfect I.O. METRO pillow trilogies.

1. Start with one print you really love. "The more color in it, the easier time you will have pulling in other colors and patterns. Let it guide you!"

2. Use your initial print for your color palette. "If your print has grey, green and blue in it then for the next print look for a blue and white or a combination of just a couple of the colors. Colors do not have to match exactly they just have to blend well with the eye."

3. Vary the style of the patterns. "If you started with a floral then your next pattern could be a stripe, plaid or geometric."

4. Vary the size of the patterns. "You want a mix of small, medium and large scale when mixing patterns. If all your prints had the same sized scale on it, your eye would not know where to look and nothing would stand out."

{Design Tips Bishop /Photo via ConspicuousStyle}

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