Color Outside the Lines

Looking for a weekend project that packs a major punch? Try an easy DIY Color Update on your Interior Doors!

1. ON EDGE: “Like lipstick, just a swipe of bright paint- in this case, on the edge of a door- makes a huge impact. And if you don’t have a lot of time, this may be the project for you. All you need is paint, a brush, and painters’ tape to cut clean edges. The result is graphic whimsical, and easily reversible should you decide to change the room’s color scheme.”

2. BRIGHT + BOLD: Have a little more time on your hands? Add even more punch with solid colored doors. In our humble opinion, DO NOT paint every door in the house. Bright colors should be reserved for specific focal points.

3. BEAUTIFUL BLACK: “Black is one of the most sophisticated of colors, but it's often written off as too dark for airy interiors. So, how to get the chic-appeal without the gloom-factor? Black doors of course! High gloss or low sheen, paired with white or black trim, they're a perfect example of timeless class" (apt therapy).

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  1. Nice idea considering that changing the doors would be a really expensive project the DIY coloring will be also fun.


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