One Room {3 Ways}

Wow, look how easy it is to "create three layouts in one living room, just by moving the furniture and adding a few new items. Discover the tricks for making the most of a small space, and see why each arrangement works for intimate gatherings, family time, or lively entertaining."

"This symmetrical arrangement is ideal for intimate get-togethers. Group furniture around the fireplace to create a cozy conversation zone. The room has a layered, traditional look, with accessories providing decoration over function."

"A casual arrangement is perfect for family time. With the sofa now facing the TV (and in a more discreet spot than over the fireplace), the room feels instantly more casual and appropriate for a family's multitasking needs: a couple of people can curl up on the sofa and watch a movie, while someone else works at the desk or reads in the chair."

"A spacious arrangement for lively entertaining. Moving the sofa to face the window frees up floor space for mingling and allows easy access to a bar. With a more open plan, the emphasis is now on artisanal pieces. No curtains makes it easy for guests to gather around the table, and makes the room seem cleaner and more contemporary."

No matter the layout, the classic piece that makes each arrangement work is the sofa. Get the look for less with this I.O. Metro Sofa...

{Source: House & Home /Designer: Joel Bray/ Photographer: Michael Graydon}

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