Striking Stripes

Searching for a quick decorating change? "Stripes have an amazing power to instantly transform a room." Painting is an easy way to refresh your space in a flash! But, before you whip out your tape and brush, there are some principles you need to keep in mind...

1. To create balance, incorporate large scale furniture in solid colors.

2. Vertical stripes make the ceiling look taller.

3. Use furniture and accessories to break up the lines so they don't look so rigid.

4. Paint the entire wall the lighter stripe color first.

5. Horizontal stripes make a small room appear larger.

6. Highly contrasting stripes create a more dramatic, modern look.

7. For a more traditional style, alter flat and glossy paint in similar colors (flat eggshell- base coat & semigloss- stripes).

8. If you're wrapping an entire room, go with a smaller stripe to avoid the circus tent look. Or just paint an accent wall.

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