Teenage Dream

Let’s get real, Teenagers are Tough Critics. When you’re changing your teen’s room from childhood d├ęcor, to a more Grown-Up Look, it can be difficult. It's hard for teens to express the style they want, however, they will have no problem telling you what they hate. Let one of our Designers do the work (for FREE). It will be one less thing about which to fight!

We'll Start with a COLOR SCHEME + Your Budget

And then we'll Provide NARROWED OPTIONS with PHOTOS


This I.O. METRO Room turned out Great! He picked Option 1 and you can GET THE LOOK: Alpha Canvas Art, Numbers Canvas Art, Fatboy Chair, Amos Table Lamp, Bermuda Rug, Celia Dresser, Celia Nightstand, Carlyle Black Headboard, Queen Mattress + Foundation

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