She's a Brick, HOUSE {entry + staircase}

Your Entryway needs to Make A Statement. Don't just leave it bare or clutter it up. Purposefully arrange items so it becomes a preview for the rest of your space. This Entryway was Dull and Choppy.
We Spruced It Up...

Before AFTER The walls were painted white creating less contrast between the molding, ceiling and woodwork in the entryway. A sisal rug and cowhide were layered to introduce the neutral color scheme.

Before AFTER EEK! The nicest thing I can say about that Brass Chandelier was that it sure was shiny. It was the first thing in the house to go! A softer Reclaimed Wood Chandelier took its place.

BeforeAFTER The white spindle staircase was just too dated. A painted (Sherwin Williams- Black Fox) Custom Metal Railing took its place. The beige runner was also replaced with a natural sisal carpeting.

Before AFTER The ceiling fan was removed from the upstairs landing and replaced with a coordinating smaller Chandelier.

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Three Mirrors, an Aluminum Table and Sculptures add Interest. A Buddha head give an Eclectic Vibe. A space that once just collected dust becomes a lovely vignette. A chair in the entry is a must. People need a place to sit to take off their shoes! The Orchid adds a Pop of Natural Color. Remember, the Entry is where people say Hello + Goodbye. You want to make sure they Come + Go with the Right Impression.
Photo Credits + Remodel by: Jay + Christine Howard


  1. That house is amazing!! Love everything about it!

  2. This is awesome,I love the banister.

  3. Jay! I am so proud of you! What an amazing home! I wish you would come to Helena and help me with mine! Take care.

  4. You have a beautiful home! I would love to feature some of your rooms - thank you for submitting your colors! Will let you know when I do.


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