Orchid Art

Nothing says Spring like flowers and who doesn’t fancy an Orchid? We fell in love with this DIY Project from AT HOME IN ARKANSAS. “Bring the outdoors in year-round with an easy to create and care for living sculpture.”

"First, you need to take a hike—head to your favorite park or trail, and search for the most unique piece of wood you can find, something you can envision cleaning and using as a centerpiece or on a side table." If hiking isn't your thing, drop by I.O. METRO and pick up a beautiful piece of Driftwood.


• Wood (driftwood or weathered branches work best)
• Orchids
• Angel moss
• Dried sheet moss
• Floral wire
• Decorative wire (a wire covered in paper will help create a natural appearance)
• Wire cutter
• Pruning shears


1. "Soak angel moss in a water-filled basin or vase to rehydrate. Moisten sheet moss."

2. "Remove orchid from pot and rinse away potting medium. Use pruning shears to cut off any dead or discolored roots."

3. "Take a golf ball-sized clump of moist angel moss, part the roots of the orchid and position the clump in the center of the roots."

4. "Place the orchid with the moss ball underneath directly on the piece of wood, at the place where you would like the orchid to remain."

5. "Cover the roots with moist angel moss and secure the entire root/moss area to the wood with florist wire, wrapping the wire around the wood in several directions to securely hold the orchid in place."

6. "Use sheet moss as a decorative cover and additional layer of moisture over the roots, angel moss and wire. Use decorative paper wire to secure the moss in place attractively."


1. Place the completed orchid sculpture in bright, indirect light.
2. Bring the orchid sculpture to a sink and saturate the moss/root area thoroughly once a week.

{View Full Article: AT HOME IN ARKANSAS- Text: Diane Carroll / Stylist: Mandy Keener / Photos: Nancy Nolan}


  1. This project is simple, yet elegant, while still being plausible for the average person. Thank you for sharing.


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