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Slipcovered Dining Chairs are a Classic choice. Keep your room looking timeless, not cliche, by following these tips...

1) Use neutral chairs "to lighten up a room with lots of heavy wood pieces, or to tone down the formality of a grand kitchen or dining room."

2) If you already have a lot going on, don't add another pattern with your chairs. Neutral slipcovered chairs "work very well in a room that's already busy with pattern."

3) "Pair slipcovered chairs with modern accessories for contrast."

Try the New I.O. METRO Melrose Dining Chair
{Quotes: Apartment Therapy/ Photos: 1)Coco + Kelley via Apt Therapy; 2)Palmer Weiss via Lonny; 3)via Decor Pad; 4)via Harmony & Home; 5)via Hodge:Podge}

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