The ECO-DIET {for your home}

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In Honor of the 40th Earth Day we give you...
1. Set realistic goals

Just like you would find out how many calories you needed to stay trim and satisfied, figure out what your home interior design budget is and how to manage it. Here are 5 easy green tips that won't break the bank.

2. Small incremental lifestyle changes add up to big changes
Choose one project at a time. Do it yourself and keep organized. Even just rearranging the furniture allows the corners of a home breathe. Like junk in the trunk, clutter in every corner of a room can suffocate a space. Rooms look lighter when there are unfilled spaces. Check out the Unclutter to help you keep everything in its place.

3. Wholesome freshness adds to your health and vitality
Top green eating tips include buying organic and fair trade foods, shopping local and growing your own when you can. The same can easily be applied to decorating your home. For a natural home environment, use locally sourced furnishing, organic and natural materials, and DIY as much as you can.

4. Read labels
Reading labels is second nature when you're trimming the fat. You know your criteria and you can buy your food accordingly. With home products, you'll want to find out how the workers were treated, what the waste management issues are and whether or not animals were harmed in the manufacturing process. Social nutrition labels might be the next great green thing for the eco-home dieter.

5. Portion size matters
It's a given that when you are paring down, to edit the amount you ingest for optimal weight loss. Your home may be bloated in excesses too. Just because you've read lots of books, do you need them in every room of your house? Think how freeing it will be to go through your bookcases every few months and get rid of the books you know you will never look at again. Donate your books to the local library or a charity, recycle or repurpose them, set up a book exchange with friends or consider going digital.

6. Don't give up everything you love
Keep what you love, ditch what you don't. If an item serves no purpose, and is not beautiful, donate it away. Let one beautiful thing take center stage. Fabulous eco-art, a DIY repurposed lamp, or even a new healing eco-paint color can lighten up your home's attitude.

7. Don't be overly restrictive.
It's been proven that while overly restrictive diets may initially work, they are not sustainable. If minimalist design doesn't work for you, maybe another design option does. Either way, find a comfortable look that reflects your personal eco-style.

8. Keep a journal
Many popular diets suggest keeping a food journal as a major key to weight loss. Create a design journal and keep an ongoing file of magazine clippings, eco-fabric swatches and articles that will help you reach your goal of becoming more sustainable.

9. Work out often
We all know exercising is a good weight loss strategy, but how about eliminating those dust bunnies and piles of clutter with some spring cleaning? Here's a tutorial for making your own reusable swiffer pad and some DIY green detox.

10. Take before and after pictures and show off your new bod
Spring is the perfect time to go public and throw a party. Open the windows, and give a green cocktail party to show off your spruced up digs.

(By Ronnie Citron-Fink

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