Functionally Ecletic

I.O. METRO has been asked to predict the Design Trends for 2010...

In 2010 we believe the biggest trend will be people moving away from being overly trendy. We are living in uncertain times, and because of this, clients will create homes that are comforting and familiar, with an edge of excitement. A focus on quality and value will be the biggest trend.

For colors we envision mostly neutral tones and warm earthy shades. But, no one wants to live in a totally vanilla box, so expect bright pops of color, like turquoise and shinny metallics, in art and accent pieces.

As far as furniture goes, the trend is to create a home that is an expression of your own personality. We love mixing clean lined neutral pieces with globally influenced prints and antiques.

Comfort and longevity will be key, so natural pieces, solid wood and down filled upholstery will be hot. Distressed leathers, woods and industrial architecture are timeless and will continue to rise in popularity.

Overall, we see people mixing local and global influences and continuing to support sustainability. If we had to name the trend we would call it: Functionally Eclectic

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