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“A loft space is generally a large open room with broad windows. Designing this intimidating vast space can seem like a daunting task. But as with any room design, there are basic principles which can remove the mystery from designing a great loft." Follow Kerri Foley’s basic guidelines for creating a loft look with an I.O. METRO twist.

PAINT- "Classic loft d├ęcor is done in basic cream or white which creates a base for accent color splashes. But if you would like to keep up with the most current trends in loft design, pick an accent wall and paint it a bold color. As a general rule, the best wall to paint an accent color is the wall containing the majority of the room's windows, or the wall directly opposite the window wall. Either of these options works as the play of light from the window brightens and expands the color from the accent wall, creating light and warmth in the space."

SPACE PLANNING- "After you have established your base of either a basic light colored room or a light room with a single accent wall, you are ready to begin space planning and furnishing the space. Most true loft spaces contain large dramatic windows. Make these the focal point of your room, arranging the furniture to generally face the view. While it may be necessary to include a television in your loft space, never arrange the furniture solely around the TV. This will create a cold feeling room as opposed to the inviting atmosphere of a room arranged to face the natural light of windows."

FURNITURE- "Understand that the furniture in a loft space is generally modern. This means sharp clean lines, solid colors and hints of metal. However, if you feel that stark modern furniture is too cold or cliche for your loft space, the new trends in contemporary furniture may serve you better."

I.O. METRO’s contemporary furniture combines the clean edges of modern style with a more comfortable, homey look. "Contemporary wood pieces are done in deep warm wood tones, but with sharp angles and clean hardware accents. The result of contemporary furniture is the perfect compromise of a minimalist look with warmth and texture.” Our Designers can assist you (for FREE) with planning from the ground up. All of these awesome lofts were decorated by I.O. METRO Designers.

Source Article: Kerri Foley, How to Decorate a Loft

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