Size Does Matter

Rugs are floor art. Without a rug, furniture can look as though it is hovering in space. A perfect rug will anchor your room and ground your color tones. But just because you love the look, color or texture of a rug does not mean it will fit. You must make sure your rug is the RIGHT SIZE for your space. Nothing looks worse that a great rug that is too small. Below are four I.O. Rug Rules followed by photos from House Beautiful to demonstrate these ideas...

1. It is standard to place the rug at the front of a sofa or sectional, however, the coffee table or ottoman should have all four legs on the rug.


2. When placing a rug under a dining table, the chair legs should NEVER come off of the rug. Allow at least two feet on each side of the table for the pushing in and pulling out of chairs.


3. The angle on which you place your rug is important. Place rugs straight on, or at a 45 degree angle.


4. When a rug covers almost the entire space, be sure the perimeter has one foot of flooring exposed.


Overall, a perfectly placed rug will define an area and/or create a flow for traffic. I.O. Metro carries hundreds of rugs in customizable sizes, from thick shag to natural jute. You're sure to find one that fits.

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