Bring the Outside In

Plants, especially succulents, are an inexpensive accessory for any home. In these spaces I.O. METRO Designers have incorporated live plants to give the home a more cheery, lived in feel.

By placing the plant on this stand, height is added to the bathroom. Plus, plants clean the air!

Bring a little life into your space with a potted Rosemary plant in your kitchen. You can use it for cooking and the natural aroma is divine.

Aloe plants are super easy to care for because they don't require any maintenance and need water sparingly.

Even FENG SHUI loves jade plants! It encourages the use of Jade in the interior of a home or business, because the Jade plant symbolizes good fortune!

I.O. METRO sells awesome planters and large glass vases to energize your home inside and out!

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