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With all of this crazy winter weather, it's hard to even think about all things spring -- clothes, beach vacations, bright home accessories. 

Spring 2015 furniture, accessories and clothing.

Avid Antiquer or Modern Maven? You Can Be Both!

Do you love vintage and eclectic furniture? Love the thrill of going into the antique stores and searching for the perfect piece to accent your home? Or do you have vintage, heirloom pieces passed down from loved ones?

Whether you're an antique lover or heirloom enthusiast, we've got 3 ways to add a modern mix to your eclectic lifestyle.

1. Add mirrors to accent existing pieces.

Not only does this provide extra light and the appearance of a more open atmosphere, but it also ties in the vintage pieces through matching metal colors or glam. Take for instance, the silver and geometric pattern of these Azteca Mirrors, and compare them with the lines, silver painted hardwood, and structure of the featured chair and love seat.

2. Add pops of color to simple pieces that require attention.

Furniture, accent pieces, accessories with clean lines and modern designs will require a pattern or pop of color to help distinguish them from your existing antique pieces. You want your guests to walk in and take in the entire space, not just one statement piece. Adding these pops of color and pattern on simple pieces, like the Utica Chaise and Udder Madness pillow, will provide you an all encompassing room.

3. Coordinate woods, metals, and other materials to co-exist without overwhelming.

The existing, antique furniture has silver painted hardwood, and unless you can find the exact same hardwood in a coffee table or accent table, you will want to coordinate these new additions with some of your accessories or accents. The theme in this space was crystal, glass, and mirrors, all of which are exhibited through the different mirrored accent tables and chests, and the crystal chandelier, and the glass coffee table. This space chose the mirrored chests to emphasize the Azteca Mirrors, and the mirrored side table to pull the golds and neutrals from the local art above the fireplace. The Lenox Glass Coffee Table coordinates with the mirrored pieces, but provides a clear line of sight to all statement pieces of furniture.

How will you incorporate those modern pieces you've been eyeing into your vintage, eclectic space?

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