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We love finding inspiration for home d├ęcor on blogs and Pinterest. One of our favorites to follow is Juliana Oliveira, from Beyond Interior Design. Now that our new 2014 Fall catalog is out, we asked Juliana what her favorite items are this year!

Here’s what she had to say:

Transitioning Your Home for Fall | I.O. Metro

As summer comes to a close, it's time to think about transitioning your home decor for the fall season. Don't freak, it's not as difficult as it sounds. There are small changes you can make that will take your home from breezy to cozy.

I.O. Metro has great textiles and accessories that you can use to decorate for the seasons. Here are a few tips you can use when making the transition:

2014 Fall Favorites by Erika Ward | BluLabel Bungalow | I.O. Metro

I'm Erika Ward, an Atlanta-based interior designer who has been one of I.O. Metro's biggest fans since their arrival to Georgia. I was thrilled to receive a first look at their Fall 2014 Catalog and immediately began to note some of my top picks. Most of my purchases from I.O. Metro tend to be mirrors and art because they make such a huge statement (in size and style) in the two-story great rooms you find in many Atlanta homes. I've added additional picks from lighting and dining furniture, but there is oh so much more… Let's take a look:

Five Tips for Decorating with Rugs | I.O. Metro

Interior decorating can be a fun way to express your style and turn your house into a home. A great place to start when decorating is finding a focal point. Your focal point can be anything from a great leather chair to a piece of art, but we like to start with our rugs! Not only can they bring warmth to a space, they can also tie your design together. 

In honor of the 20 percent off Rug event starting today (9/9) and running until 9/21, we want to give you some helpful tips when it comes to decorating with rugs. Here are the top five tips you should know:

The Bree Collection at I.O. Metro

You have been waiting with anticipation for the new Bree collection and now it's finally here! The sleek silhouette of the Bree corner sectional adds a modern, yet classic feel to your living room. Your friends will be envious the moment they see your new sofa. Check it out online or at a store near you!

Contemporary Design Style | I.O. Metro

Born and raised in Fort Smith, Ark., Mary Beth's southern roots brought her to Northwest Arkansas where she completed her interior design education at the University of Arkansas. After interning with Julie Wait at Julie Wait Designs in Rogers, Ark., she was anxious to start making clients' dreams become a reality. Mary Beth's creativity stems back to her early childhood, when she found rearranging her room a million different ways more entertaining than playing with dolls. Ever since then, she looks for outlets to release her creative energy. She joined the I.O. Metro team in the spring of 2008.

"When I walk into a client's house, the first thing I notice is the architectural detailing: the large, double story windows, the fireplace, the beams on the ceiling.  What is meant to be the focal of the room and what do I want to detract attention from?  Usually the process involves seeing the client's existing furniture and accessories they want to incorporate, and it's my responsibility to help guide the direction of the overall design.  Sometimes the scale of a piece of furniture can be unfit for the space or the wrong shape for open circulation in the room." Mary Beth explains her design technique. 

One Room, Four Ways

Watch our expert designers create multiple looks in the same room in this behind-the-scenes video!

During our latest catalog shoot, we asked four, out of our many, amazing designers to decorate the same space using a particular color story. The results are amazing! Check out "One Room Four Ways" to see how Cherryl Gibson, Kathry McCray, Depp Britt and Matthew Morales turn this empty room into a masterpiece.

We have a lot of great new pieces coming to a store near you and online. You can make any of these new accessories or furniture pieces fit any style like rustic modern, eclectic elegance, eclectic mid-century or modern classic.

To see the final images for "One Room Four Ways", click here to request a catalog.

Stop by any of our store locations or check out our selections online! Not sure how to get the look you see in this video or from pictures online? We have designers ready and waiting to turn your space into a picture perfect look with our free design service.

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